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Shifting Gears: Writing from a Woman’s Point of View

I’m a guy. I write mostly about men. Men at war. Shooting guns. Riding horses. Doing brave deeds. Becoming heroes. From the male perspective, of course. So, how does an author shift gears and write from a female perspective—and what

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Women of the Civil War: Martha Kavandish

{Excerpted from SCARRED A Civil War Novel of Redemption wherein our protagonist, Zach, comes face-to-face with the wife and child of the man he shot.} Near Milledgeville, Georgia, 1864 The farmhouse was nestled in a copse of cottonwoods midway between

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The Doug Dahlgren Show Features Michael Kenneth Smith

What a terrific way to spend my Friday morning! I thoroughly enjoyed discussing HOME AGAIN, SCARRED, and the Civil War with Doug Dahlgren of The Doug Dahlgren Show. Listen in. . .

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