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SCARRED: A Civil War Novel of Redemption

Excerpted from SCARRED: A Civil War Novel of Redemption. Available on Amazon. Virginia, 1863 The grey early morning light seeped through the tall sycamores next to the river bank. The hollow sound of a distant hungry woodpecker broke the silence.

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Character Assassinations

Home Again is about two young boys who go off to war. The premise has been around a while, but these two, Luke and Zach, were very special young men who distinguished themselves during the course of the Civil War.

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How Writing Calmed My Bi-Polar Disorder

In an earlier post, I mentioned my life changed when I read the first 3000 words I’d written of my soon-to-be novel—though I didn’t realize quite how much. While I didn’t really notice it at the time, others saw clear changes

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Getting Comfortable with Conflict and Crawling

This writer had no idea about scene structure, conflict, dialogue or any of the other elements of writing a book. I thought I’d write a wonderful story in which the character(s) would go through experiences ranging from happy to harmonious. This was probably

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Turns Out You Can Go Home Again

Re-reading the three thousand words again, I wondered where it all came from. Years ago, I was an engineering student at Ohio University. The required courses did not include any electives, but for some reason I added a creative writing

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Left Brain Meet Right Brain

On a nice sunny morning about three years ago, my wife was about to leave the house to play golf. Just before she walked out the door, she asked me what I was going to do all day. Embarrassed to

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